Get high speed broadband DSL Internet service

Want A Faster Hi Speed Connection Using
Your Existing Phone Line?

Then DSL is a great option – and it is usually
much more afforable than cable Internet!

DSL (short for “digital subscriber line”) is another fast internet option. While not as fast as cable, it is often not as expensive either.

DSL signals are sent through your existing phone line. Unfortunately, not all local phone lines are equipped to send a DSL signal, which is why DSL is not yet available in all areas.

Can you watch TV and be on the internet
at the same time?


Unlike dialup, you don’t need to search for a “connection” every time you want to go on the internet, as DSL is “always on”. And you don’t need to add an extra phone line – with DSL you can be on the internet and talk on the phone at the same time.

How good is DSL?


You’ll benefit from much faster speeds than with dialup connections, which is important for accessing audio and video files, opening attachments, and finding what you want on the internet much faster.

As web pages add more content, file sizes get bigger, and technology improves rapidly, a faster connection is a must just for simply “surfing” the internet. Find out if DSL is right for you, and if it is available in your area:

To find out how DSL works, read:

How DSL Works

Or if DSL is not right for you, or not available in your area, try high speed cable internet service.


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