Compare High Speed Internet Services In Your Area

Compare High Speed Internet Services In Your Area
To Find The Best ChoiceFor You:

DSL, cable, satellite, & high speed wireless

Here’s a quick comparison of the different fast internet options available, which will give you an idea of the benefits and costs involved with each:

Item Hi-Speed Dialup DSL Cable Satellite
Maximum Speed Up to 5x faster Up to 6 Mbps Up to 15 Mbps Up to 1.5 Mbps
“Always On”
No Yes Yes Yes
Access Type Existing Phone Line Existing Phone Line Existing TV Cable Satellite Dish
Service Area All areas Most areas Most areas Most areas
Setup Fees $0 $0 – $50 $0 – $100 $50 – $200
Monthly Price $9.95 to $24.95/mo $19.95 to $39.95/mo $29.95 to $59.95/mo $99.99/mo

Are all services available in all areas?


Unfortunately, not all services are available in all areas at this time. However, most people have at least one of the options below available to them:

Hi Speed Dialup Internet access is a low cost way to surf the Internet faster. Because of the limits of the technology, web pages and websites will load up to 5 times faster, but files and attachments won’t.

DSL Internet access is delivered through your local phone lines, which must be fitted with a specific copper wire in order to receive the DSL signals. Not all areas are equipped with this type of phone line, so DSL is not available in all areas.

Cable Internet access at this time is usually limited to your local Cable Television service, so your choices are very limited. Additionally, you usually must be a cable TV subscriber to receive Internet access.

Wireless Internet access is also available. Ideal for people who travel a lot, Wireless Internet is fast becoming more popular. Typically, service is limited to approximately 1,000 feet from the local wireless access point (usually found in airports, hotels, cafes, etc.) While wireless Internet access is not yet available in every location, it is usually conveniently available for those who travel.

Satellite Internet access is also very limited in availability. You must have clear access to the southern sky to be able to be fitted with a satellite dish. And at this time satellite Internet service is very expensive. As more homes utilize a satellite TV dish, the cost of satellite Internet may become less expensive and more popular.

T1 Line A T1 line offers you a dedicated speed of 1.54 Mbps. It is especially good in locations with no DSL or Cable options.

Check out Time Warner Internet which is an excellent high speed internet service, with fast speeds, reliable service, and low prices.

If you’re an employee that works remotely, fast internet is vital, but having secure vpn services for your network is also important to share files and data securely to your office from wherever you may be.


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