Get faster high speed dialup internet service

Want Faster Internet Speed…
WITHOUTThe High Costs?

Then hi speed dialup internet service may be
the right choice for you!

If high speed cable or DSL internet service is not available in your area – or if you are on a tight budget – high speed dialup service is often an inexpensive alternative.

Many dialup service providers offer a fast internet alternative, often at a low cost. Is this the right type of service for you? It really depends on your needs. One of the top dialup providers that offers an accelerated service option is PeoplePC.

How much faster is hi speed dialup?


While not providing a very significant increase in speed, it can be helpful if you just like looking around the internet without downloading large files, watching video or listening to audio.

You’ll get many of the same features you get with regular dialup, without the need for a lot of technical knowledge to install.

How does hi speed dialup work?


High speed dialup providers help you navigate through the internet faster. Basically, they have an archive of web pages and graphics that they save. When you visit these web pages, the archived web pages are accessed, the large files compressed, and you get to the sites you want faster. (Attachments, audio and video files, and secure pages are not accessed more quickly).

NOTE: Some ISP’s provide an “Internet Booster” or “Download Accelerator” or something similar. Unfortunately, these types of programs are often “adware” programs – which means they install more on your computer than what you need.

So before signing up or downloading any fast dialup programs, read the fine print first.

Will high speed dialup fit your needs? If you are looking for a low-cost alternative that’s simple to use, and a moderate increase in speed is okay, then high speed dialup may be right for you! One of the top dialup providers that offers an accelerated service option is PeoplePC.

Most Popular High-Speed Dialup Deals:

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Want to learn exactly how dialup service works? The article below will explain the process to you:

How High-speed Dial-up Works


If hi speed dialup is not right for you, compare other high speed internet services.


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